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Not Spoiled, Just Cultured

Breakfast is changing.

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"As Kellogg's sales have dropped, Chobani's have skyrocketed to nearly $1bn a year." ~from On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Does this ring true for you?

I'm the primary grocery shopper in my household, and the amount of cereal I purchase has shifted rather drastically from a few boxes per week to a few boxes per month. Cereal has become the default Friday morning option -- the food I plunk on the table when the week's almost up and my creativity's plunged to nil. Sure, my kids still leave a trail of dry cereal crumbs all over the pantry drawer, opting to nibble it for a snack or to combat homework boredom, but the bowl-of-cereal-as-default-breakfast has become a thing of our family's past.

Around here, we're eating more yogurt, more avocado toast, more eggs, more fruit.

For us, cereal has competition.

And it doesn't always win.