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Review | Maple Hill Creamery Plain Creamline Yogurt

Cheryl Sternman Rule32 Comments
Words + Photograph © Cheryl Sternman Rule

Words + Photograph © Cheryl Sternman Rule

What sets it apart: Organic, non-homogenized milk from 100% grass-fed cows; "creamline" means it has a hard cap of cream on top; company only makes whole milk (not low-fat or nonfat) products

Where it's made: Creamery is located in Stuyvesant, New York 

Ingredients: Pasteurized whole organic milk; live yogurt cultures (B. lactis, L. acidophilus, L. delbruecki subsp. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus)

Specs per 6 ounce serving: 6g protein; 8g total fat (5g saturated); 8g sugars; 130 calories

Where to find: Plug your zip code into this map. (I purchased mine at Central Market in Plano, TX.)

Company website:

Team Yogurt Tasting Notes:

When you first stick your spoon into this yogurt, the roughly 1/4" thick, cream-colored cap breaks into irregular pieces like ice shattering on top of a lake. This cream doesn't dissolve into the yogurt but instead stays distinct and a bit lumpy. The yogurt underneath is loose, with a good bit of whey. The flavor is remarkably and unabashedly tart (the company calls it "zingy"), with the same texture and lack of homogeneity as homemade yogurt. In fact, cream-cap aside, it looks very much like the yogurt we make at home. 

Verdict: This yogurt isn't for everyone. It's for hard-core yogurt-lovers, not for the weak at heart or those accustomed to the uniformity that comes with substantial processing. Not here to make nice or be your friend, it knows what it is and isn't afraid to be itself. The little clumps of cream are a bit distracting, but it's fun to play with them in your mouth. We really like the bracing, in-your-face sour flavor. 4.5 out of 5 Team Yogurt cups