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Fast Fix | Apple Cider Muesli with Yogurt, Lemon, and Apple

Cheryl Sternman RuleComment
Apple Cider Muesli | Photograph © Cheryl Sternman Rule

For non-Europeans, muesli -- uncooked, soaked grains eaten as cold mush -- is a funny thing. Not warming like oatmeal, not crunchy like cereal. So what gives?

Just this: There's a simple beauty to this classic Swiss breakfast. It's comforting but not heavy, filling but not leaden. Soaking oats overnight softens them considerably, and pairing them with lightly acidic fruits offers a burst of palate-cleansing freshness. Yogurt is a common accompaniment, as are nuts and seeds. But the template veers off in many directions, and it's time more folks gave the dish a try. 

In January, Emily C. Horton penned a love letter to muesli for The Washington Post, and it captivated me. It also inspired me to revisit the yogurt-soaked muesli I'd been trying hard to perfect but could never quite get right. (My efforts involved stirring yogurt directly into the oats and refrigerating them overnight. If you enjoy paste, this works beautifully.)

Instead, Ms. Horton soaks her oats in apple cider and scoops the yogurt on top (along with nuts, seeds, apples, and dried fruits) come serving time. Her proportions are spot on, and the muesli isn't the least bit gluey. Might I also recommend an avalanche of lemon zest?

Get Emily C. Horton's Washington Post recipe here

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