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Cheryl Sternman RuleComment

To support the site, Team Yogurt will occasionally partner with companies whose products or services tie in with our mission to celebrate yogurt. We're picky, forthright, and transparent about these sponsored partnerships. Below is a sponsored post I developed for Annie's, whose new line of organic whole milk yogurt is available nationwide. ~Cheryl

Annie's new line of organic, whole milk yogurt. #choosegood @annieshomegrown

I've got two teenagers now. One is driving. Both are taller than me. 

Not long ago, though, not long ago at all, I would walk them to school, to our local elementary just 12 minutes away. They were tiny then, and I'd hold their backpacks to ease their burden. 

Before school, day in and day out, I'd pack their lunchboxes. Like parents before me and parents forevermore, I'd face this daily chore with a resigned sense of purpose: In goes the sandwich, the yogurt, the fruit. Fill the water bottle, grab a napkin, scribble a note. Wait, we need vegetables. Did anyone wash the containers? Where's his favorite spoon? 

Annie's New Line of Whole Milk, Organic Yogurt #ChooseGood @AnniesHomegrown

The next day I'd do it all again. Then again and again and again. Five days a week for eleven years, I was among the millions of parents filling lunchboxes each day.

Despite the pressure to make every single element of every single lunchbox from scratch, it's the rare parent whose lifestyle and budget allows for this ideal. So, many of us seek store-bought products to supplement what we make ourselves, and we make the best choices we can. 

I'm proud to partner this month with Annie's to help introduce their line of new whole milk organic yogurt. Sweetened with real organic fruit and organic cane sugar, the four-ounce cups come in three flavors: Summer Strawberry, Berry Patch, and Very Vanilla. Much as I used to pray my kids wouldn't finish their bowls of Annie's mac and cheese so I could do my parental pre-wash duty (with my mouth), I can assure you I've tried all three of these flavors myself, and they’re super-tasty. With its creamy rich flavor, the vanilla, in particular, is especially good. 

Annie's New Line of Whole Milk, Organic Yogurt | #choosegood @annieshomegrown

Now you may wonder why I'm not advising you to send your kids to school with plain yogurt instead. It's a fair question, and my answer is pretty simple: I don’t think my kids would have eaten it. They didn’t develop a palate for plain yogurt until they were older, and neither did I.

So it’s nice to have a new entrant to the kids’ yogurt space that's made with organic whole milk, organic fruit, and live active cultures. That it tastes great and is free of artificial colors and flavors, with no preservatives, is even better. 

(Sugar is always the issue with kids' yogurt, and Annie's does have some: 12g per 4-ounce cup. If this concerns you, send the yogurt in place of a cookie. Because we all know you were going to send a cookie.)

Good luck, parents. The view from the other side of the lunchbox is pretty sweet. You'll get here faster than you think.

Annie's Organic, Whole Milk Yogurt #ChooseGood @AnniesHomegrown