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Spherified Greek Yogurt

Cheryl Sternman Rule2 Comments
Spherified Greek Yogurt

We're no strangers to recognizing and appreciating others' creativity when it comes to using yogurt. In many ways, Team Yogurt started as a way to showcase, collaboratively, how those from diverse culinary backgrounds incorporate yogurt into the genres they know best. This is why our contributor base includes experts in Indian cuisine, in Persian cuisine, in Mediterranean cuisine, and in Lebanese cuisine, among many others. 

We've also learned plenty from those in our broader community. One especially avid supporter, Sheri Codiana, uses her professional culinary training and deep curiosity to inspire us regularly. She's the one who first told us about sous vide yogurtmaking.

Today, Codiana brought us spherified Greek yogurt to try. We popped the spheres in our mouth, and the delicate casings burst to release a cool, smooth flow of yogurt. We're already imagining how we can use this technique to impress future dinner party guests. Codiana suggests serving them on a Chinese soup spoon with a touch of olive oil and sprinkling of coarse salt.

To make them, she used a technique called reverse spherification.

According to Codiana: "Reverse spherification occurs when you place a calcium-rich liquid (in this case yogurt and heavy cream) in a sodium alginate bath." The spheres form, and after a few minutes, you scoop them out and transfer them to a water-filled container for storage. (Consume them within one day, she advises.)

If you'd like to learn more about this process, let us know, and we'll draft Codiana to give us a deeper tutorial...

We love our Team Yogurt community!


Words + Photograph © Cheryl Sternman Rule