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Video | How to Make Mocha Crunch Yogurt Bowls

Cheryl Sternman Rule1 Comment

A 45-second video showing how to make a sweet, sophisticated yogurt bowl for dessert.

Want to make this Mocha Crunch Yogurt Bowl? Here's what you'll need:

Homemade or store-bought whole milk Greek yogurt
Melted milk chocolate
Espresso powder
Vanilla extract
Crushed chocolate meringue cookies
Cocoa powder

We're taking a departure from our formal recipe style here on Team Yogurt and keeping this one loose and flexible. In other words, quantities here are completely up to you. You can make the dessert as sweet as you like (by adding more chocolate), and keep the mocha flavor subtle (with a bare sprinkling of espresso powder) or make it more intense. If you can't find the chocolate meringues, use any crushed cookies you like. A dribble of vanilla extract rounds out the flavors and a final dusting of cocoa powder makes it pretty.


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