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Plum Balsamic Whey Sorbet
have whey, go ahead and substitute water, but the whey's acidic edge -- coupled with the punch of antidote: a big-flavored, fruity sorbet that puts your jar of whey in the fridge to prime use. If you don't PLUM BALSAMIC WHEY SORBET | A perfect use for leftover whey from yogurtmaking. Mid-August in the . If you regularly make homemade yogurt and save the whey, this is a spectacular way (homophone alert Balsamic Whey Sorbet To achieve this vibrant color, look for plums with dark skins and deep red flesh 1 Plum Balsamic Whey Sorbet (23, 900).jpg Plum Balsamic Whey Sorbet
Bake | Strawberry-Ginger Shortcakes with Whey
appearance, this kid-friendly dessert subs whey in for the more common cream in the ginger-flecked . You’ll be left with sufficient whey to make the biscuits and plenty of Greek yogurt for the filling Bake | Strawberry-Ginger Shortcakes with Whey biscuits. If you don’t have a jar of whey in your fridge (produced through straining a prior batch of 1 tablespoon cold whey 1-1/2 teaspoons coarse sugar, such as demerara (substitute granulated sugar Strawberry-Ginger Shortcakes with Whey Strawberry-Ginger Shortcakes with Whey With its homey
Alana's 5 Uses for Whey
whey as much as the product I’m trying to create. Whether you have a little bit of whey or a whole . Blech. It would take decades for me to learn that the yogurt juice was whey, a.k.a. liquid gold. And quick mozzarella), but both are great in all these applications. Whey adds extra protein, nutrition lot more, there are so many uses for it in your kitchen. The whey from cultured processes (like yogurt Alana Chernila's 5 Uses for Whey 5 Uses for Whey I was a picky kid who ate the same thing day after Alana's 5 Uses for Whey
Maker Profile | Ron Marks of AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery
, AtlantaFresh sells a probiotic whey-based beverage called Wheymonade, yogurt cream cheese, dips, and heavy
Dark Chocolate Ginger Yogurt Scones
cubes 3/4 cup whole milk Greek yogurt 2 tablespoons whey (or milk, buttermilk, or heavy cream) 1/2 cup of whey in the fridge, give yourself a big kiss. Here's a great place to use up a few spoonfuls Whey (or milk or cream), for brushing, and coarse sugar, for sprinkling Line two baking sheets with the scones among the two baking sheets (8 per sheet). Brush the tops quickly with whey and sprinkle reduced to the size of peas. Add the Greek yogurt and whey. Stir with a wooden spoon until all
Global | A London Yogurt Tasting (part one of two)
10 percent (maybe more) of the container is whey. No matter. The yogurt itself is clean and funky Yoghurt. This one is very white and opaque, without even a hint of whey. It sits squarely in the cup , moving clockwise from the top left: Kappacasein Dairy Yoghurt. A sea of whey floats atop this
Review | Maple Hill Creamery Plain Creamline Yogurt
bit of whey. The flavor is remarkably and unabashedly tart (the company calls it "zingy"), with the
Maker Profile | Homa Dashtaki of White Moustache Yogurt
simple, straightforward ingredients.” The company has also just launched whey drinks. Whey, the tricky. (Some larger-scale yogurt companies may have an especially difficult time disposing whey in
The Official YOGURT CULTURE Master Homemade Yogurt Recipe
to use whey!) Transfer the remaining yogurt to a large container, or ladle into quart-size glass gently aside, some watery whey will fill in the wake. This is perfectly normal, as is a layer of cloudy whey that may (in some cases) float on top. Don’t taste your yogurt yet. Yogurt will thicken .) If the top layer of whey bothers you, ladle it into a jar. (Team Yogurt has lots of ideas for how
glass storage for everything from yogurt and whey to jams, jellies, pickles, sauces, homemade or store storing the whey left over from yogurt-straining. BUY NOW At half the size of the jars above, these
Maker Profile | The Sohha Savory Yogurt Story
probiotic whey lemonade, and a few yogurt dips, with garlic and mint, or with everything bagel spices, or
Sponsored | Introducing Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt
prepping the yogurt, tip the accumulated whey into a jar and refrigerate for another use. Dry the
Feature Spotlight | An Interview with Mollie Katzen
strain yogurt to thicken it up (making it Greek-style), and then drink the accumulated whey. “It’s got
Naz's Aash-e Reshteh for Norooz (Persian New Year)
(which is often mislabeled as whey) can be purchased from Iranian or Middle Eastern stores in dried form
Maker Profile | Atanas Valev of Trimona Yogurt
” category, meaning it’s on the fluid side (since the whey hasn’t been strained out) and is therefore
Homemade Yogurt Troubleshooting Guide
. First, chill your yogurt for at least 6 hours. Next, strain out some of the whey for a few hours (you
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